Size and Fit

Every new idea starts with a problem.
Ours began with sizing in the apparel industry.

All our apparels have 30 variations and 3 height options, so that you never have to adjust to a size.


How do we ensure the Perfect Fit for all body types?

At Ferlyy, every garment is exclusively Made-to-Order. Gone are the days of trying to fit into a garment. Our garments are made to fit YOU!

This ensures ZERO unsold inventory and helps us offer a wider range of clothing - All Styles in All Sizes.

How do we ensure the Perfect Fit for Tall and Petite Women?

  1. We begin with a combination of Bust, Waist, and Height.
  2. We don't just modify the overall length of the garment. We also make careful adjustments to the following - sleeve length, neck depth, yoke length, slit length, shoulders, armholes, crotch levels, sleeve cuff length, etc.
  3. We also make ergonomic changes to Pocket Size and Position.
  4. We segregate the difference in height basis how it is divided across above-waist, below-waist, thighs, and calves. Usually, this break-up isn't proportional to the absolute difference in height. Bust and Waist Size also influences this.
  5. As we move towards the Taller heights, the front rise and back rise increases proportionally. This results in an increased crotch, increased inseam. Similarly, for Petite bodies, the front rise and back rise decreases proportionally.
  6. Height also influences button and zip closures.

We have freed ourselves of any size labels like Small-Medium-Large, and we work only on actual body measurements. This provides clarity, ensures accuracy, and removes confusion and doubt in size selection by our customers.

We offer the same extensive collection in every size, with the same quality.
No Discrimination.

Now you and your friends can shop from the same place and even buy matching pairs!

If your actual body proportions do not match those of our size chart, if you fall in-between sizes or just want the stress of sizing taken care of, we offer a Custom Made option.